Co-located Workshop
4th IEEE/ACIS International Workshop on e-Activity 2010

IEEE-IWEA2010 is The 4th International Workshop on advances in theory, systems, and applications for all electronic activities, which include e-learning, e-commerce, and several other activities. The aim of this workshop is to encourage activities in this field, and to bring together WWW researchers with e-activities. Unlike conventional conferences, this workshop will mainly discuss and explore scientific and practical problems as raised by the participants. The focus of the workshop will be on computer science, cognitive science, web technology, artificial intelligence, multi-agent systems on the web, WWW, semantic web, etc. In particular, the workshop will bring together researchers from Computer technology on the web.

2nd IEEE/ACIS International Workshop on Enterprise Architecture Challenges and Responses 2010

Enterprise architectures embody the business objectives, processes and information technology infrastructure reflecting the desired incorporation and standardization requirements of a company's strategic and operating model. Enterprise architectures create a cohesive link between the most important business requirements (e.g., strategies, opportunities, risks, etc.), organizational requirements (e.g., processes, informatics, structures, etc.) and information technology requirements (e.g., data, applications, interfaces, etc.). The development, alignment and institutionalization of enterprise architectures better facilitate the management of technology, business and organizational resources.