ICIS 2010 Special Session

To select special session in IEEE/ACIS ICIS, it has been quite competitive and 12 sessions out of 32 proposals have been selected. Each submitted paper to the special session is reviewed by two reviewers at least (Technical Commitee of each special session).

Accepted papers are updated around April 20.

SS1: Dependable Distributed and Network-Centric Systems

Organized by Dr. Hai Jiang (Arkansas State University, USA)

  • *SFS: A Secure File System with Scalability and Reliability Features on Distributed Storage Devices
  • The Comparison of the Relative Entropy for Intrusion Detection on CPU and GPU
  • DataXchg: A Portable Data Exchange Toolkit for Heterogeneous Computing
  • A Carbon 2.0 Framework based on Cloud Computing
  • DCMTs: Supporting Dynamically Created Migratory Threads
  • CUDA/MPI Power Model on Multi-core and GPU Clusters for Performance Tuning of Large Scale SIMD Computation
  • Ubiquitous business and commerce

    Organized by Dr. Y. H. Wong (Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong)

  • Cancelled.
  • SS2: Personalization

    Organized by Dr. Sang-goo Lee (Seoul National University, Korea)

  • A Study on the Co-occurrence in Latent Semantic Indexing
  • Building Concept Network-based User Profile for Personalized Web Search
  • Temporal Dynamics of Music Listening: A Case Study of Korean Music Service
  • *Exploiting Contextual Information from Event Logs for Personalized Recommendation
  • to be announced
  • Servicify IT

    Organized by Dr. Susanne Robra-Bissantz (University of Braunschweig, Germany)

  • Cancelled.
  • SS3: Internet marketing and online consumer behavior

    Organized by Dr. Dauw-Song Zhu (National Dong Hwa University, Taiwan)

  • *An Exploration of the Intention to Use Online Store
  • The Effect of Social Psychological Factors on the Performance of Health Websites
  • The Study on the Determinants of the Online Consumers' Intention to Return
  • A Study of the Determinants of Customer Loyalty in E-telecommunication Industry
  • A Study on the Customer-Based Brand Equity of Online Retailers
  • The Impact of Website Attractiveness, Consumer-Website Identification, and Website Trustworthiness on Purchase Intention
  • Potentials of 3D-Web-Applications in E-Commerce - Study about the Impact of 3D-Product-Presentations
  • SS4: Knowledge Creation and Kansei Information

    Organized by Dr. Akinori Minazuki (Kushiro Public University of Economics, Japan) and Dr. Hidehiko Hayashi (Naruto University of Education, Japan)

  • Development of Experience-based Learning Support System for Realization of Exact Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation
  • A Study about the Process of Knowledge-Creation through Observation Photographs and Reproduction Experiment
  • A Study of the Support System on Production of Foods Considers Effective Temperature on Convenience Stores
  • A Study on Knowledge-Creation of "Moshiokuri" among Nurses
  • A Consideration Concerning Continued Difference in Learning Process of Programming Language
  • Study for management of research organizations and the effect on presentations of information processing at an academic meeting, by students in the humanity course
  • Consideration of the Organized Knowledge Sharing in the Emergency Team of the Emergency Medical Service Helicopter
  • SS5: Data Mining for Broadband Services in NGN (New Generation Networking)

    Organized by Dr. Motoi IWASHITA (Chiba Institute of Technology, Japan)

  • A Method for Analyzing Sociodynamics of Services in NGN Era
  • *General Flow Characteristics of P2P Streaming Considering Impact to Network Load
  • Internet Traffic Identification Using Score Level Fusion of Multiple Classifier
  • Customer Segmentation in Mobile Carrier Choice Modeling
  • Reference Traffic for Network Resource Dimensioning in the FMC Environment
  • SS6: Software Measurement

    Organized by Dr. Juan Jose Cuadrado-Gallego (UAH, Spain & ETS, Canada) , Pablo Rodriguez-Soria (Universidad de Alcala, Spain), Dr. Yoshiki Mitani (IPA/SEC, Japan & NAIST, Japan)

  • Modelling Software Project Monitoring with Stakeholders
  • Empirical evaluation of cost overrun prediction with unbalanced data
  • Early functional size estimation with IFPUG unit
  • SS7: Health Informatics

    Organized by Dr. Antonio Abelha and Dr. Jose Machado (University of Minho, Portugal)

  • Collaborative Group Support in e-Health
  • The Inference Process with Quality Evaluation in Healthcare Environment
  • A Logic Programming Based Adverse Event Reporting and Learning System
  • Electronic Health Records in the Emergency Room
  • Data Quality Evaluation of Electronic Health Records in the Hospital Admission Process
  • *Modeling Intelligent Behaviors in Multi-Agent Based HL7 Services
  • SS8: Practice in Agents and Multi-agent Systems

    Organized by Dr. Takayuki Ito, Dr. Takahiro Uchiya, Dr. Tokuro Matsuo and Dr. Katsuhide Fujita (Nagoya Institute of Technology, Japan)

  • Filtering Harmful Sentences based on Multiple Word Co-occurrence
  • An Efficient Real-Time Search Algorithm with Forecasting in Uncertain Problem Spaces
  • Issue Clustering and Distributed Genetic Algorithms for Multi-issue Negotiations
  • A Mobile Agent Approach for Flexible Peer-to-Peer File Retrieval
  • Agent-aided 3D Symbiotic Space
  • Design of A Dynamic Ontology for Assistant Agent on The Web-based Strategy Game
  • An Architecture of Extended Network Management System: Autonomous Cooperation between Knowledge Resource and Network Equipments
  • Optimization of Snow Removing Task Problem in Middle Size City
  • SS9: Visualization

    Organized by Dr. Nobuyuki Masuda, Dr. Tomoyoshi Shimobaba and Dr. Tomoyoshi Ito (Chiba University, Japan)

  • Image type conputer-generated hologram of shaded object
  • 3D Holo TV System Based on Multi-view Images
  • Three-dimensional TV using holographic stereogram
  • Examination about Expansion of Displaying Volume in Projection Type Electro-Holography(II)
  • Wave-Field Rendering in Computational Holography
  • *Real-Time Reconstruction System Using High-Performance Computer for Electroholography
  • High performance computing of Digital-Holographic PTV
  • SS10: Semantic, Social, and Collaborative Intelligence

    Organized by Dr. Naoki Fukuta (Shizuoka University, Japan)

  • Automatic Mining of Human Activity Attributes from Weblogs
  • An Organization System for Affiliate Content in Website and Blog Networks based on Social Networking
  • Fake Web Page Protection by Using Push Delivery
  • A Corpus-based Analysis of Coreferential Recency Effect in Japanese Discourse for Tracking Dynamic Topic
  • *Constraint-based Clustering of Image Search Results Using Photo Metadata and Low-level Image Features
  • Proposal of Spatiotemporal Data Extraction and Visualization System Based on Wikipedia for Application to Earth Science