Direction to the conference venue

You can get the conference venue (Tsukioka Hotel) by hotel bus or on foot (by walking).

By hotel bus: Kaminoyama Onsen Sta. =[2 minutes]=> Tsukioka Hotel.

By walking: Kaminoyama Onsen Sta. =[6 minutes]=> Tsukioka Hotel.

Direction from the station to the hotel.
Bus for hotel guests and the hotel staff.
2USD/150JPY/2,500KRW/15CNY charged for Non-hotel guests
Hotel buses for hotel guests.

flags along the street to the conference venue.

Hotel Bus time table (August 17 and 18). (Hotel guests only. )
From the Station to the Hotel3:00PM(August 17 only)   4:10PM(August 17 only)
5:10PM   7:00PM   8:00PM   9:00PM   11:20PM
From the Hotel to the StationAsk a hotel staff.
         Movie (40Mb): From Kaminoyama Station to the Conference Venue
From Kaminoyama Onsen Station to the Tsukioka Hotel (By foot/walking)
  1. After getting Kaminoyama Onsen station, you can find the the station square in front of the station.

Kaminoyama Station. Train station terminal.

  1. Please go right from the square.
Station square. Toward right way.

  1. You can find the small lighthouse/lantern at the right side of the road by 2 minutes waling.
  2. Then, turn left at the lighthouse. Go through the small bridge.
Small lighthouse at the left side of the road

Lighthouse/lanternGo through the small bridge.

  1. You can find the monument and public clock the left side of the cross point.
  2. Go straight through the monument.

Monument and shopping center

  1. By further 2 minute walking, you can find the corner. Turn right and follow the white line.
Turn right. You can find a free foot spa the corner.

  1. You can find the white building at the right side of the road. Hotel entrance is made by bricking up.

Conference venue: White-curving buildingEntrance