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5th International Workshop on e-Activity
(CNSI 2011 (IEEE Sponsoring approval pending))

in conjunction with
CNSI 2011
(May 23th-25th, 2011)

23-25, May, 2011
Jeju National University,
Jeju, Korea

Sponsored by IEEE Computer Society (pending) / ACIS
                           JPCATS / GAS
(approval pending)           
IWEA 5 in 2011 Proceedings will be published by IEEE and would be indexed by EI, INSPEC, and DBLP
For the post-conference publication several special issues in journals are planned. Selected papers are invited to be published in IJCIS(International Journal of Computer and Information Science).

Paper Submission

Paper Submission Deadline: February 10, 2011
Submission Deadline Extended to February 28, 2011

IWEA 5 in 2011 is The 5th International Workshop on advances in theory, systems, and applications for all electronic activities, which include e-learning, e-commerce, and several other activities. The aim of this workshop is to encourage activities in this field, and to bring together WWW researchers with e-activities. Unlike conventional conferences, this workshop will mainly discuss and explore scientific and practical problems as raised by the participants. The focus of the workshop will be on computer science, cognitive science, web technology, artificial intelligence, multi-agent systems on the web, WWW, semantic web, etc. In particular, the workshop will bring together researchers from Computer technology on the web. The workshop is interdisciplinary in nature, and will address the following topics:

Computer-Mediated Communication
Database Planning and Development
Digital Libraries and E-Publishing
Distributed and Parallel Applications
E-Business and E-Commerce
Electronic Data Interchange
Global Tendencies in WWW/Internet
Human Computer Interaction
Intelligent Agents
Internet & Customer Management
Internet Payment Systems
Internet Services
Semantic Web
Social & Legal Issues
System Integration
Teaching and Learning Strategies
WWW/Internet Applications
WWW/Internet Case studies
WWW/Internet Impacts
Web Engineering
Web Personalization
Web Software
Wireless Applications
Ubiquitous Computing
User Modeling
Virtual Communities
  • 2011 IWEA Full Research Paper Acceptance Rate: 45% (9/20)
  • 2010 IWEA Full Research Paper Acceptance Rate: 33% (10/30)
    (10 Full + 6 Short Papers Acceptance: 53%)
  • 2009 IWEA Full Research Paper Acceptance Rate: 32% (10/31)
    (10 Full + 5 Short Papers Acceptance: 48%)
  • 2008 IWEA Full Research Paper Acceptance Rate: 29% (7/24)
    (7 Full + 5 Short Papers Acceptance: 50%)
  • 2007 IWEA Full Research Paper Acceptance Rate: 36% (9/25)
    (9 Full + 4 Short Papers Acceptance: 56%)

Accepted Papers :

  • Yuji Hahiura, Tokuro Matsuo: Flexible Modeling Language in Qualitative Simulation
  • Toshinori Deguchi, Naohiro Ishii: On Memory Capacity in Incremental Learning with Appropriate Refractoriness and Weight Increment
  • Takanori Terashima, Takayuki Fujimoto, Tokuro Matsuo: A Push Delivery from University Library
  • Taku Jiromaru, Takanori Terashima, Tokuro Matsuo: LOMS: Learning On-Demand Management System
  • Makio Fukuda, Michinori Yamashita, Toshiyuki Ueyama, Minae Nishimoto: PBL Supporting System Based on the Range of Teacher's Guidance
  • Satoshi Takahashi, Tokuro Matsuo: An Effectiveness Analysis of Value-based Mechanism in the Internet Advertisement Auction
  • Naohiro Ishii, Toshinori Deguchi, Masashi Kawaguchi, Hiroshi Sasaki: Collaborative Activities of Layered Neural Network
  • Naoki Fukuta: A Preliminary Empirical Analysis of Mobile Agent-based P2P File Retrieval
  • Takayuki Ito, Mark Klein, Naoki Fukuta: An Approach to Sharing Business Process Models in Agile-style Global Software Engineering

  • Paper submission:
    The conference is soliciting Full papers (5-6 pages), Short papers (3-4 pages), and Education paper (3-4 pages) on all aspects of the above research areas. Submitted papers will be evaluated on significance, originality, technical quality, and exposition. They should clearly establish the research contribution. All accepted papers will be provided an oral presentation at the conference.
    Multiple submission policy for papers: Papers that are being submitted to other conferences, whether verbatim or in essence, must reflect this fact on the title page. Each paper needs to be reviewed by at least three PC members or experts in the field.
    : Paper Submission
    : Full Paper submissions should be limited to a maximum of 6 pages.
    : Short Paper submissions should be limited to a maximum of 4 pages.

    Format Guidelines:
    We encourage submission in IEEE CS style format. (See the IEEE CS home page:). All submissions must include the author's name(s), affiliation, complete mailing address, phone number, fax number and email address. All papers must be submitted in PDF format.

    Selected papers that are also presented at the conference will be published the expanded versions of their papers in an approved special issue of the International Journal of Computer and Information Science.

    For a paper to be published, at least one author must attend e-Activity to present it. At least, one author must register as CNSI 2011.

    Key dates
    Paper Submission Deadline: February 10, 2011
    Submission Deadline Extended to February 28,2011

    Acceptance Notification: March 7, 2011
    Final Paper Submission: March 20, 2011
    Workshop: May 23-25, 2011

    ..:: Organization ::..

    Workshop Chair
    Tokuro Matsuo
    (Yamagata University) JAPAN

    Program Chair
    Takayuki Fujimoto
    (Toyo University) JAPAN

    Publication Chair / Financial Chair
    Takayuki Fujimoto
    (Toyo University) JAPAN

    International Workshop Advisort Board
    Pedro Soto-Acosta
    (University of Murcia) SPAIN

    Naohiro Ishii
    (Aichi Institute of Technology) JAPAN

    International Journals Coordinator Chair(IJC)
    Pedro Soto-Acosta
    (University of Murcia) SPAIN

    Ricardo Colomo-Palacios
    (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid) SPAIN

    Publicity Co-Chairs
    Ricardo Colomo-Palacios
    (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid) SPAIN

    Mehmet Sayal
    (Hewlett-Packard Labs) USA

    Planning Coordinator
    Motoichi Adachi
    (Motoichi Entertainment Co.Ltd.), Japan

    Program Committees
    • Motoichi Adachi(Motoichi Entertainment Co.Ltd.), Japan
    • Morshed U. Chowdhury(Deakin University), Australia
    • Joachim Griesbaum(University of Hildesheim), Germany
    • Yi-Chieh Ho(Hwa-Hsia Institute of Technology), Taiwan
    • Naohiro Ishii(Aichi Institute of Technology), Japan
    • Taikyeong T. Jeong(Myongji University), KOREA
    • Dongwon Jeong (Kunsan National University) Korea
    • Sabina Jeschke(University of Stuttgart), Germany
    • Juhnyoung Lee(IBM T. J. Watson Research Center), USA
    • Sang-goo Lee(Seoul National University), KOREA
    • Euripidis N.Loukis(University of the Aegean), GREECE
    • Masaki Nakanishi(Yamagata University), JAPAN
    • Paulo Novais (Universidade do Minho) Portugal
    • Mehmet Sayal(Hewlett-Packard Labs) USA
    • Junho Shim(Sookmyung Women's University) Korea
    • Takanori Terashima (Miyagi University) Japan

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    Email : for any questions or concerns.

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